Template:Format When Managing an Ironworking stall, you first must stock it up.

I like to do 100 Iron and 50 Wood since, i only make cannonballs (small).

Now you order 100 small cannonballs.

It will use 50 iron and 10 wood.

Now you go and work to complete the order

Its also a good idea to get a lot of workers so you don't have to work that much.

You don't have to get a manager but its a good idea cause they will help you, but ONLY people you trust!

Your order is now done!

Deliver your order by clicking "Manage the shoppe," and "Manage Orders."

Next, go "Manage the shoppe" and "Trade commodities."

Scroll down to where small cannonballs are and click the first on on the list.

Next type in 100 in the bottom text box to sell your cannonballs!

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