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YARR! Welcome to carpentry.

Overview: This puzzle is used to repair damage to the vessel which is sustained through movement, collisions or through cannonfire. This is done by flipping and rotating various different-shaped pieces to fill each hole. It is one of the 4 basic duty puzzles, the others being sailing, rigging and bilging.

The basics Successful carpentry is done by filling holes with minimal overlapping pieces. Every masterpiece gives points towards a gold sparkly hammer, but craftmanships will not give you any towards the gold sparkly hammer. Best you can get is a dullish gold hammer. This is why I am going to give advice on making masterpieces. I would recommend looking at the carpentry tutorials tab whilst on the carp station. These are very helpful if you are new to carpentry, or if you are an old hand at puzzling, but theyre good at outlining the basics. The pointers in this guide are aimed at more of an intermediate to advanced level, so I would suggest trying out the puzzle first before coming here. Okay, so here they are.

One: Try to square off the holes so they can be completed with common pieces.

When carping, or having looked at the tutorials, you will notice that the most common piece is simply a square with another smaller tile stuck anywhere around it.
And you will notice they fit together quite snugly when there is an even number of them.
In order to maximise the chance of you making a masterpiece, you will need to make sure that it can be finished with common pieces. So therefore, since the most common piece makes square and rectangle shapes when it tessellates, I would suggest making the sides of the holes as flat as possible
so that these pieces can fit inside neatly. Simple?

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